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The Lebanese Islamic Center in Montreal
A radioactive sign in the community space

The Lebanese Islamic Center was established in the mid-seventies of the last century by a group of the first pioneers of the community, and changed the place of the center more than once between the lease and purchase until settled on the current building in 1993 is a spiritual and socio-cultural institution of the community regardless of their religion, ...

The Imam and the administration of the center are open to other communities and owners of different faiths and sects and maintain the best relations with all, which are based on respect for the privacy of others, as well as the doors of the Center is open to all as long as there is a national and public interest in general and also on the official Canadian and Cuban level, The province, the municipality and the center are working to encourage the community members to engage in political work by running, electing and joining local parties.

The Center conducts many religious and social activities, as well as Islamic and national events, as well as a school for Arabic language and Quran at the end of the week, a library and a mosque that organizes Friday prayers and other daily prayers and a large meeting room that provides special and public events for the community. To Saturday of every week. The Center also conducts activities of a political nature in line with Canadian law and a series of conferences and dialogues to properly explain concepts away from prejudice and extremism and continues to function as a community-based institution of cessation.

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