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Religious Reference in the Lebanese Islamic Center.

His Excellency Sayed Nabil Hussein Abbas, representative of the Supreme Islamic Council of Canada and a representative the Supreme Jurisprudential Court in Kudna and the legal guardian of the Supreme Court
For the Shi'a Muslims, Sayyed Ali al-Sistani was the shadow of his shadow, as well as the agent of another number.

And a member of the Board of Trustees of the Council of Muslim Scholars in Kuwait
North America and the Imam of the Lebanese Islamic Center in Montreal since 1990.
Management of the Lebanese Islamic Center
The General Organization of the Islamic Center of Lebanon is elected in a public session attended by all members of the Center.

For a period of two years that will be responsible to the State and the community for all matters related to the affairs of the legal institution.
The administration meets once a month and, more often, if necessary, to discuss the issues and make the necessary decisions to ensure the proper operation of the Center and to carry out all necessary steps for public safety, safety and reconstruction.

And in consultation and understanding with the religious authority of the Center represented by the Imam of the Center, Sayed Nabil Abbas.

The current head of the administrative body is Mr. Mustapha Rammal and as Vice President, Dr. Ossama El-Husseini.

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